Galvanised Sprinkler Tanks

Our galvanised tanks are a cost-effective option for water storage for fire protection. Due to the highly destructive and dangerous nature of fire, Sprinkler tanks are Life Safety Critical assets and important for property protection. Tank capacity depends on several key factor’s individual to each client’s requirements. IIT can cater for a wide range of tank capacities starting from as little as 30m³ to almost 3000m³. 

We supply and install approved sprinkler tanks made from galvanised mild steel plates constructed using high tensile nut,bolts and washers. The galvanised mild steel can be externally painted in a range of colours, if required. Our galvanised tanks come complete with a 0.75mm thick internal liner and rigid roofing and we have a full range of ancillary products including ladders, platforms ,side access manways and vortex inhibitors. All of sprinkler tanks come complete with a roof which compromises of externally plasticol coated profile metal deck roof sheeting supported on galvanised mild steel roof purlins. The tanks are fitted on site with all required connections and fittings in line with the requirements specified by our clients. Our galvanised tanks are cost effective, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Our galvanised tanks can also be dismantled and re erected at a different location if necessary.