Anaerobic Digestion / Biogas

IIT’s involvement in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) modular bolted storage and Containment Solutions exceeds 40 years, and the Company’s experience has expanded considerably over this time. Co-digestion of farm waste, such as animal manure or slurry, and municipal sludge effluent are two processes increasingly used to handle multiple waste streams and produce “green” renewable energy. A useful procedure that uses waste streams to produce renewable energy in the industrial sector is using AD to manufacture biogas. If the biogas produced by AD has been cleaned, it can be added to the grid directly; if not, it can be turned into power using generators and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gas engines. Additionally, it is possible to produce thermal energy in the form of hot water, which can be used in community heating networks or industrial process applications. 

The digested material may be used as fertilizer at the conclusion of the process, providing the owner of an AD plant with an extra source of income. GFtS gives a high degree of protection throughout an AD digester, especially in the highly aggressive gaseous zone. Combining the inert characteristics of Permastore’s coatings with the strength of steel, the flexibility of modular construction gives significant benefits over other types of digester construction. IIT’s AD Digesters are also used for biogas storage when combined with a double membrane roof.