Tank Supply & Installation

Glass Lined Steel Tanks and Galvanised Tanks are sectional bolted tanks, which have specific uses. The tanks are easily transportable to site and take up minimum storage areas whilst on site before being built.

All our tanks are built at ground level, using certified lifting jacks. Building at ground level means that all relevant Health & Safety Legislation (Health & Safety At Work Act 2005, Confined Spaces Regulations and Working at Height Regulations) are complied with and eliminates the danger from working at heights.

Our tanks are built on a reinforced ringbeam foundation or a flat concrete slab foundation.

As part of our complete package, we can design and install the concrete foundations required for our tanks.

The construction of each tank begins with:

  • Ensuring site is safe to work.
  • Preparation of Health & Safety Documentation, including detailed method statements and risk assessments.
  • Making sure site is level.
  • Installation of concrete ringbeam foundation.
  • Construction of top ring of the tank.
  • Installation of roof of tank, if required.
  • Installation of lifting jacks system.
  • Construction of each subsequent ring of tank panels.
  • Fitting of tank connections and ancillaries, i.e. pipework, safety access manways, flange connections.
  • Installation of floor for tank.
  • nstallation of perimeter seal for tank.
  • Handover to client.
  • Provision of Operations Manuals.

Our tanks are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation. The typical first maintenance on our tanks is approximately 15-20 years from the date of installation.

Our tanks are suitable for relocation and extensions where required.