Slurry Storage Tanks

Irish Industrial Tanks are agents for Permastore. We have been supplying the Agricultural Sector since 1970 with glass lined steel slurry stores.

Permastore® are the market leaders in slurry store management and pollution control,serving farmers for over 35 years.

PERMASTORE® tanks and silos combine the strength and engineering flexibility of steel with the corrosion resistance of glass. Whatever the storage requirement Permastore Limited can supply the appropriate specialised containment solution.

Slurry Storage Systems

A wide range of tanks and management systems to suit any farm size. Proven for dependability over 37 years. Thousands of tanks are in use world-wide from the originators of modular Glass-Fused-to-Steel slurry storage systems.A wide range of slurry tanks with capacities from 13m3 to over 24,000m3 (2,880 gallons to 5.3m gallons).

Tank Storage Diagram

PERMASTORE® slurry storage systems are available to suit the needs of any farm, and can be supplied with a complete package of tank, reception pit, pump, mixer, and access ladder and platform.

Mixer Pump

Pollution Control

PERMASTORE® slurry storage systems are containing farm waste safely and securely to protect water sources throughout the world.

  • Above ground installation of the main tank means there is no risk of hidden damage and leaks, giving lasting peace of mind.
  • They are safer too for children and animals than below ground stores or lagoons. Ever increasing environmental controls demand the best security.
  • Tank covers are available at low cost to significantly reduce odours and cut ammonia losses by 80-90%.
  • Farmers can also save money by reducing the size of the tank by around 15-25% depending on local rainfall and the volume of slurry to be stored.
  • With less nitrogen lost to the atmosphere the slurry will have a higher fertiliser value and reduce farm bills for commercial fertilisers.
  • Very large slurry tanks are a speciality and PERMASTORE manufactured the world's biggest modular Glass-Fused-to-Steel slurry tanks in 1997 and 1998.


Production Process

  • The high temperature fusion of glass to steel at 8500c results in an inert, durable finish.
  • Glass fused to steel is the only tank finish where two materials are fused together to achieve the best of both materials- the strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass.
  • Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, glass fused to steel is able to withstand the rigours of the construction site and provide many years of trouble free service in harsh environments.

For more information about the 16 stage fusion production process, click here the PDf

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